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Cosplay Photo Requests?
Hello everyone! I thought I'd do some commissions for you guys if you were interested. If you have any ideas for photos of any of my characters feel free to request them! However I will not do anything that I find is inappropriate. I will get the photos taken and uploaded as soon as I can. You can choose from: Lucy, Sakura Rin, Yuuki or Trisha. I look forward to hearing from you! Please don't be afraid to ask! :-)


    "Seto Kaiba? What are you doing here?" I asked. "Isn't it obvious? I came here for answers. My mind has been playing tricks on me for too long and I'm sick of it. Ever since you stepped foot inside my company I've been getting these stupid visions of more Egyptian fairy tales. This is your fault." He pointed straight at me.  

"How is this my fault? Your company was being bought out from right under your nose and I was the one who stepped in and saved it. You never would've caught the crook if it wasn't for me, and I'm not going to stand here and listen to yell at me for something I didn't do! I've had enough of that in my life already. I am not the one sending you those visions. They're coming to you all on their own and are trying to tell you something but you're just to stubborn to believe anything. If you want answers then go look at the second stone tablet down in the basement of the museum. That should tell you everything you need to know. Or have you forgotten about that you can read the ancient Egyptian text inscribed on the tablets?" Kaiba's eyes went wide. 

"How on earth did you know that? How do you know so much about me?" Kaiba asked sharply.  

"If I told you you'd think it was more of those 'Egyptian fairy tales'" I emphasized those words with air quotes.  

'I'm going to have one last look at those tablets and if they hold the answers then I'll finally be rid of these visions and I'll be able to get on with my life." He stormed past us and went inside. Yami and I followed after him. 

Nor long after we were all in front of the tablets, we were instantly transported to what looked like ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago. 

"What is going on?" asked Kaiba sharply. 

"Why don't you stop asking questions and use your eyes to get the answers Kaiba?" I pointed down below to what looked like the ancient battle shown on those stone tablets. 

"You three have terrorized this kingdom for the last time!" we heard the Pharaoh shout. 

"Is this what I think it is?" Kaiba asked. 

"It seems that way. Let's pay attention so we can get out of here." I said moving closer to where the action was. Yami and Kaiba weren't that far behind. Those three hooded creeps sent out a huge blast and knocked Kaiba and the Pharaoh out cold. My ancient self was the only one standing. It looked like she had a barrier around her. 

"That has to have something to do with my necklace and earrings." I said. 

"A barrier could be part of the ancient power Ishizu spoke of." Yami suggested. I nodded. 

"No!" She went over to each of them to make sure they were still breathing. At least that's what it looked like.  

The leader laughed. "Your precious Pharaoh and his best ally are now out cold, and you're powerless to stop us now! We will reign over this kingdom as soon as you three are out of the way!"

"They may be out cold but that doesn't mean they're out of this battle. Their spirits are always with me and together we will defeat you once and for all!" She stood up and made a circle around the necklace with her hands. "Now I call upon the ancient powers of the spirit realm and all those who ruled before us. Please come fourth and help me defeat those who threaten to destroy this world!" 
Memories (Yami Yugi x OC) Part 13
Part 14 fo my Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction. This will end the same way the series did but with a twist. Will the Pharaoh enter the spirit realm alone or will he have someone very important by his side? I hope you enjoy it!

I don't not own any of the characters featured in this story except my OC. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to it's original owner.
    I put my hand up against the glass of the second stone tablet. What Ishizu said about me defeating these three hooded figures on my own really hit me. And hard.  

"Nothing makes sense to me anymore. Why does it have to be me? How did I become the one destined to save the world? I guess I should expect this kind of thing from hanging out with Yugi and the gang but still. I thought I was just an ordinary girl who was destined to be alone the rest of her life. But no. I turn out to be the reincarnation of a Queen of Egypt who ruled 5,000 years ago. Then I come to find out that I possess an ancient power that resides in the necklace and earring set my late grandfather left me? What else don't I know about myself?" All these thoughts were racing through my head so fast it was making me dizzy. I dropped to my knees to try and catch my breath. Yami was next to me in 5 seconds flat with each hand on one of my shoulders. 

"Are you feeling alright Sakura? You look awful pale." 

"Yes I'm fine. It's hearing this took a lot out of me." I looked up at the stone tablet. "To think that I'm the one destined to save the world from a great evil. The same evil that I supposedly stopped 5,000 years ago using the ancient power of my necklace and earrings. If only I knew what this ancient power is. If I don't find out what this power is soon, the whole world is doomed. The fate of the world rests on my shoulders." I clutched the necklace in my hand. 

"The fate of the world rests on all of our shoulders Sakura. Remember what Ishizu said? Kaiba and I may have been out cold during the last part of the battle all those years ago but that didn't mean you were alone. Our spirits were with you. And if this battle is destined to happen again, our spirits will help you defeat this evil once and for all. You won't be alone in this." 

Hearing him say that made me feel better. I know I can't trust Yami but I'm not so sure about Kaiba. He isn't exactly the nicest guy in the world. Though whenever Yugi and the gang needed help Kaiba suddenly showed up to help even though he claimed he was only in it to save Mokuba if he was to get kidnapped. But somehow he managed to come around and realize that he played a major role in past events and that he'll play a major role in events destined to repeat themselves. I don't want to have to be the one to go and ask him for help so with any luck he'll manage to put his grudge against Yugi aside long enough to realize what he has to do in order to protect not only his brother, but the entire world. Guess we'll have to see. 

"You ready to go home?" asked Yami. 

"Yes I am. I think I could use a cup of tea right about now." 

Yami helped me to my feet and we headed back upstairs and out the door. Who we saw leaning up against one of the posts was a surprise. 
Memories (Yami Yugi x OC) Part 12
Part 12 of my Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction. This will end the same way the series did but with a twist. Will the Pharaoh enter the spirit realm alone or will he have someone very important by his side? I hope you enjoy it!

I don't not own any of the characters featured in this story except my OC. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to it's original owner.
    I walked slowly behind Ishizu as she lead Yami and I to the basement where the stone tablets were held. For some reason only a select few were allowed to view these stone tablets. I just wish this feeling of nervousness would go sway. I want to believe that viewing these stone tablets will be the best thing to ever happen in my life but this feeling is making it hard for me to do so.

"Alright Sakura. It's time to stop worrying about these stupid feelings and focus on what's happening in front of you. You're with the one person who cares for you the most so that should make you happy. Focus on that and ignore these other feelings." I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and shook my head to bring myself back to reality. 

"Sakura? Sakura are you alight?" Yami's voice interrupted my thoughts. 

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm still getting used to all of this you know? I spend the first part of my life thinking I'm a normal girl living in the 21st century. Then one day I wake up to find out that I was once a queen who ruled along side one of the great Pharaoh's 5,000 years ago? Talk about one hell of a revelation." 

"I know what you mean. Both Yugi and I were surprised to find out that I was the Pharaoh who wiped his own memory clean in order to save the world from a great evil. Then I come to find out that I had a Queen by my side who wore a necklace and earring set that holds an ancient power of her own? All of this is hard to take in yes but as long as we're together there's nothing we can't accomplish remember?" 

I nodded. "I honestly don't think I could ever forget that Yami." I smiled at him. 

"We're here." Ishizu said. 

We stopped and faced the same direction as she was and in front of us were two large stone tablets. 

"You do recognize the three people carved on these stone tablets are don't you?" Ishizu asked 

"That's Yami, Seto Kaiba, and myself. On the one to the right it looks like we're dueling each other. Kaiba is using his Blue Eyes White Dragon, Yami is using his Dark Magician, and I look like I'm using the powers of my necklace and earrings.  But the question is, What is this ancient power and how did I harness it all those years ago?" 

"Very good Sakura. It may look like the three of you are dueling for power but in fact you're dueling to improve each others skills. Not only was Kaiba your rival but he was also your greatest friend. Look what he holds in his hand." Ishizu said pointing at the tablet. 

"It's the Millennium Rod." Yami and I said in unison. 

"That's correct. Come look at this one. This is the one that will put your destinies on course." We walked over to the tablet located a few feet away from the first one. 

"Yami and Kaiba..." I couldn't even finish my sentence. The three hooded figures that have been coming after us are carved on that stone tablet. Yami and Kaiba were on the ground out cold and I was the only one left. Does this mean I'll have to face these hooded figures on my own? 

"This is what is destined to happen. Sakura you must figure out this ancient power before it is too late. If you don't before the time comes the whole world could be destroyed." 

'So I'm destined to fight these three creeps on my own? Isn't there anything that can be done to change this? I don't think I can do this alone." 

"You will not be alone in facing these hooded figures. Kaiba and Yami may be out cold but their spirits will always be with you. The power of my Millennium Necklace has already shown me the outcome of the battle. However I am not at liberty to tell you at this time." 

"I see. Well I guess we know something about our ancient past huh Yami?" I tuned to him

"It seems that way. I know you're worried Sakura. I can see it in your eyes." 

I looked away from him. "I guess I can't hide anything from you now can I?"

He placed his hand on my cheek and turned my face so that I was looking into his eyes. 

"Why would want to hide things from me Sakura? Don't you trust me?" 

"Of course I trust you Yami. It's just that I don't want to burden you with having to worry about me all the time when you have your won issues to sort out. I'm here to help you find those answers but we can't do that when we're worrying about each other. Whatever happens, we'll get through it together. That's what you've been telling me isn't it? Now it's my turn to tell you the same thing. You don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine.I promise." I reassured him with a smile.  He smiled back.  We turned back to Ishizu. 

"I wish you two the best of luck on your Journey. I know you will succeed in what you need to find." 

"Thank you for your help Ishizu." I said. 

"It is my pleasure to serve you both again after 5,000 years." She smiled at us and then disappeared.
Memories (Yami Yugi x OC) Part 11
Part 11 of my Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction.  This will end the same way the series did but with a twist. Will the Pharaoh enter the spirit realm alone or will he have someone very important by his side? I hope you enjoy it!

I don't not own any of the characters featured in this story except my OC. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to it's original owner.
Hello everyone,

Weather permitting and once all the craziness having to deal my graduation party calm down I will be doing a Sakura Hime shoot within the next couple of weeks. Going to see what I can do to finish my cloak as well and once that's done I'm going to see about doing a possible shoot. Keep your eyes open! 


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I am a huge Vic Mignogna fans and a cosplay freak! I love reading, writing, singing, acting, and helping people whenever I can. I'm visually impaired (half blind) and I carry a white cane with me when I go out in public. I don't carry it around as much now though. My eysight has gotten better over the years but I will never have all of my vision. I never let that get in the way of what I want to do. I don't even consider my visual impairment toe a disability anymore. Being visually impaired doesn't make me disabled (at least I don't see it that way) It makes me unique.

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