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Cosplay Photo Requests?
Hello everyone! I thought I'd do some commissions for you guys if you were interested. If you have any ideas for photos of any of my characters feel free to request them! However I will not do anything that I find is inappropriate. I will get the photos taken and uploaded as soon as I can. You can choose from: Lucy, Sakura Rin, Yuuki or Trisha. I look forward to hearing from you! Please don't be afraid to ask! :-)


Alright everyone. I recently got a note asking if I take story request. Sadly I had to turn them down because the idea they gave me was theirs. I told them that if they had an idea then they should be the one to write it. The stories i write come from the heart. I did tell them that if they had a character x reader requests I would be more than happy to write a story as long as I know the series and characters well enough. So I'm letting all of you know that if you have a character x reader story that you would like written I would be more than happy to write it as long as I know the series. So if you have a story you would like written then send me a note with a list of characters and the series they are from and I will pick from the ones I know. However I must tell you if you have a story idea then write it. The stories you write should come from your heart and if you need inspiration then watch some TV or a movie. That's how I get mine. Lemme know if have a request! 
       I felt a warmth spread throughout mt entire body. The feeling felt so familiar but I couldn't remember where I felt it before. I opened my eyes slowly. I figured I would be back in the hospital but I guess my time in Egypt isn't yet over so it looks like I will be here for a while.  I looked down and saw that the necklace I wore in the present is now around my neck. Could this be what saved me from death? Nothing is making sense to me at all. I noticed I was alone so I got up and went out to the balcony. Who knew they had balconies in ancient Egypt? 

"Such a beautiful night. I only wish they had open skies like this back home. It's so beautiful. I can actually see the stars here. At home lights line up just about every street which makes it's just about impossible."

"I am glad to see you are feeling better Akusa."

I turned to see Yami coming toward me. 

"Oh yes. Much. Where did this necklace come from?" 

He smiled and came beside me. "The healers actually made that. It was the only way they could save you. They said they each infused some of their own life energy into each one of those stones. Now that it is around your neck your life energy is now infused with it. Which means you are to never take this off. If you do then..."

"I think I already know what you were going to say. You do not have to worry. I will keep it on until the day I die.

He smiled. "There is something I would like to talk to you about. Will you meet me in the garden tomorrow morning?" 

"Yes of course Your Highness.." 

He smiled. "Then I will see you tomorrow morning. Sleep well." He kissed my hand gently and then left. 

I took one last look at the stars and then settled into bed.. "If memory serves me well I think I know what he is going to ask me. I only hope I'm still around tomorrow morning." I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.  

I woke up to the sun shining in through the large opening in the wall. I almost forgot there weren't any doors separating the rooms from the balconies like we have back home. I got out of bed, stretched, and got ready. Surprisingly enough I knew where the garden was without ever having been there since I arrived. Guess I knew more than I thought I did. If that makes any sense at all.  As expected Yami was waiting for me. 

"Good morning Akusa. I hope you slept well." 

"Yes I did. I almost forgot how beautiful this place was. I remember how much we used to come and play here as kids. I must say I do miss those days." 

"Yes I do too. I did enjoy our time here as a child." 

"It is a shame I will not be spending much time with you once you become the Pharaoh."

"What is it that you mean? Why would you not see me or spend time with me?"

"The Pharaoh ha a lot of duties he must attend to and he cannot be sidetracked by childhood friends. Of course that does not mean he cannot see them once in a while but not all the time. That is what your father told you is it not?" 

"Yes it is but you know what he also told me? He also said that if I truly cared for a childhood friend I would keep them by my side forever. Especially if they were a female." 

"Yes and what does that have to do with me?" 

He took both my hands in his. "I wish to make you my queen. I want to keep you by my side forever. You mean more to me than any earthly thing I possess.. So will you accept my offer? Will you agree to rule with me over this kingdom ans will you allow me to make you the happiest bride in the world?" 

"Yes. I cannot tell you how often I have wanted to tell you my true feelings. I have liked you since we were children but I was so afraid to tell you." 


"Because I was worried it would ruin our friendship. It has never been heard of before. A prince should marry someone with royal blood. Not someone who had a father that wove baskets and sold them in the marketplace. And because I was worried you did not feel the same way." 

"Of course I feel the same way. I always have. Believe it or not I have felt that way for about as long as you have. I was only afraid my father would not approve of this. He had never mentioned me marrying anyone before but I figured he would want me to marry someone he selected. I want to marry someone I know and get along with. I want marry you." 

"I already said yes did I not? You do not have to be so dramatic."
I gave him smile and he pulled me a against his chest. Naturally I closed my eyes. When I opened them again I was back in the hospital. 
Memories (Yami Yugi x OC) Part 18
Part 18 of my Yu-Gi-Oh fan ficiton. This will end the same way the series did but with a twist. Will the Pharaoh enter the spirit realm alone or will he have someone very important by his side? I hope you enjoy it!

I don't not own any of the characters featured in this story except my OC. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to it's original owner.
    "Two weeks? Goodness." I had no idea what to say without overreacting. Wait could this be the same disease that took my parents? Guess I'll find out soon enough.

"Are you feeling alright?" he asked with a concerned tone in his voice.

"Yes I am fine. I would like to go outside for some fresh air if that is alright."
I sat up slowly. It was a little painful but I didn't let that bother me. 

'It would be wise for me to say no but I cannot deny anything to the one I care for so deeply." Hearing him say that made me blush a little. I never thought Yami would be so romantic. Not even in the present. Well they say you find things you never thought you'd find if you don't look deep inside yourself. Or in my case deep within the memories of my past. 

"Thank you." I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Having been asleep for almost two weeks my legs are bound to be a little weak. Yami put his arm around my waist. 

"I do not want you falling so please allow me to help you whenever you try to move until your strength returns."
I nodded.  We walked slowly to the balcony. The fresh air felt absolutely wonderful. The sky was as blue as the ocean water. 

"I cannot believe I was asleep for almost two weeks. The last thing I remember is bumping into you. What is it that happened to me Your Highness?" He hesitated before answering me.  

"That is not easy to explain. It seems the same the disease that took your parents is now within you. From what the healers have told me the first symptoms of this disease are long periods of sleep and cold sweats. You have been experiencing these more than usual and it worries me. My father has the healers working constantly to find a cure for this. Not just for you but for all those who have been struck down with it. I promise you that this disease will not take anymore lives. I know how much your parents meant to you. They meant a lot to my father as well." ''

"Yes you are right. Both my family and friends mean the world to me. Unfortunately I do not remember having any other friends besides you."
I looked away from him. The more I talk about losing my parents the lonelier I feel. I guess the events of the past were destined to repeat themselves in every way possible. First I lose them to an unknown disease, and then several thousand years later I lose them in a car crash. I know they didn't die the same way but still. either way the only family I ever had is gone. Both in the past and the present. Why does it seem like the world is totally against me? 

"Akusa? Akusa are you feeling alright?" Yami's voice brought me back to reality. 

"I do not know. I think I have had enough air for now. I need to go lie down but my legs feel so weak I fear if I start walking I will fall over even with your help." Without saying a word Yami picked me up bridal style and placed me on the bed gently. Something really doesn't feel right. I feel as if I'm getting weaker and weaker. 

"Akusa please hang on! I need someone in here at once! I will not lose the one I care for so deeply!" I did all I could to keep myself awake but it was to no avail. My vision kept getting blurrier and blurrier until all I could see was black. Am I going to die? Will this disease take me the same way it took my parents? 
Memories (Yami Yugi x OC) Part 17
Part 17 of my Yu-Gi-Oh fan ficiton. This will end the same way the series did but with a twist. Will the Pharaoh enter the spirit realm alone or will he have someone very important by his side? I hope you enjoy it!

I don't not own any of the characters featured in this story except my OC. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to it's original owner.
Hello everyone,

Weather permitting and once all the craziness having to deal my graduation party calm down I will be doing a Sakura Hime shoot within the next couple of weeks. Going to see what I can do to finish my cloak as well and once that's done I'm going to see about doing a possible shoot. Keep your eyes open! 


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Ashlee Wycoff
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I am a huge Vic Mignogna fans and a cosplay freak! I love reading, writing, singing, acting, and helping people whenever I can. I'm visually impaired (half blind) and I carry a white cane with me when I go out in public. I don't carry it around as much now though. My eysight has gotten better over the years but I will never have all of my vision. I never let that get in the way of what I want to do. I don't even consider my visual impairment toe a disability anymore. Being visually impaired doesn't make me disabled (at least I don't see it that way) It makes me unique.

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